MORE FOR GRAND BAHAMA: Carnival Cruise Lines to invest an additional $100 million in Celebration Key

MORE FOR GRAND BAHAMA: Carnival Cruise Lines to invest an additional $100 million in Celebration Key

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Carnival Corporation has announced plans for an additional $100 million investment in its Celebration Key development, bringing its total investment to $600 million.

On Thursday, the world’s largest cruise line revealed plans for a $100 million pier extension that will double the arrival capacity of Celebration Key, Carnival Cruise Line’s new exclusive destination scheduled to open on Grand Bahama island in the summer of 2025.

In addition to the two berths slated to be completed by 2025, the expansion will add two more berths, with all four capable of handling up to Carnival’s largest Excel class ships when complete in 2026. Overall, the expanded cruise pier will accommodate up to four Excel-class ships simultaneously and is projected to welcome nearly 4 million guests annually to Celebration Key by 2028.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Investment, and Aviation Chester Cooper, while addressing the Grand Bahama Business Outlook, noted: “As a result of the already very strong demand for Celebration Key, Carnival has indicated its intention for additional investment in Grand Bahama over and above the initial $500 million already announced. Carnival plans to expand its footprint with an additional investment of $100 million.”

The $600 million project will see Grand Bahama welcome 4 million guests annually by 2028.

He also highlighted that based on an economic impact assessment of the development, the project will create over 2,500 direct jobs over the next two decades, generate $3.2 billion in incremental revenues for the government, and contribute $9.7 billion in incremental economic impact to The Bahamas’ GDP.

Christine Duffy, president of Carnival Cruise Line, commented on the announcement: “As is fitting for our plans for Grand Bahama island, our vision for Celebration Key is quite grand, and we’re already thinking about the next phase of expansion and development.

“Building the second pier now allows us to implement growth plans and build itineraries with certainty, and signals to the local community just how important this development is to Carnival Cruise Line and the future of the island.”