More caregivers needed at geriatric hospital

More caregivers needed at geriatric hospital
Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.

Despite the efforts of hardworking caregivers, the work of persons looking after the aged can be  very “overbearing.”

The government’s Geriatric Health Department is therefore in need of more staff to run the facility, according to Dr. Agreta Eneas-Carey.

“Each of the wards have 18 patients, and if all of your patients are bed-ridden, then technically we need at least one registered nurse, two or three clinical nurses and a nurse’s aid. I would say we at least need up to four nurses,” said Dr. Eneas-Carey, who was speaking Friday at a geriatric conference.

Mr. Julian Rolle, the CPA chairman said being a caregiver – particularly an informal caregiver –  that takes care of  the disabled or an older adult who is chronically ill can be overwhelming and places a strain on work, finances and relationships.

“It can take an emotional toll. Health providers, nurses and health aids will tell you that they themselves experience fatigue, injury and burnout,”  Rolle said.

Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell who also attended Friday’s event, said there is always a waiting list to accept older persons at the Geriatric Department. He noted, however, that there are a number of private facilities that the Government has partnered with to provide care for the aged .

“We want to ensure that there is a standard [at these facilities], he said. “We want persons when they walk in to say this is a nice facility.”