More curfew arrests, police warn liquor stores, roadside vendors

More curfew arrests, police warn liquor stores, roadside vendors

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Authorities yesterday warned residents and business owners to ensure all protocols are observed with respect to the ongoing emergency orders, insisting those found in breach with be arrested and charged.

Police arrested two men for breaching curfew on Saturday.

The pair were found in a black vehicle on Claridge Road shortly after midnight.

When officers on patrol stopped the vehicle and asked the driver and passenger for their reason for being out beyond the curfew hours of 10pm to 5am, the pair could not provide a “satisfactory answer”.

In recent days since the reopening of the country’s borders to international carriers and the easing of lockdown restrictions, numerous people have been detained for various breaches of the emergency orders.

Several businesses have also been temporarily shut down for curfew breaches.

The operating hours for restaurants were extended to 9pm.

Others, namely liquor stores operating as bars, have also been shutdown.

Yesterday, police cautioned that bars remain prohibited under the emergency orders.

Police said if a liquor store allows patrons to drink and socialize on the premises, the business has “effectively become a bar and violates the order, and will be asked to close”.

Liquor stores are permitted to operate with takeout or delivery.

Street vendors

Police also warned that roadside vendors selling fish and conch remains prohibited without the explicit permission of the commissioner of police.

Individuals may fish for personal consumption or for sale to wholesale distributors, according to the police, who said those found selling supplies to the public will be arrested and taken before the courts.

As it relates to roadside vendors, authorities said the requisite permits must be acquired.

“Persons found in violation may be arrested and have their good confiscated,” read a statement.

“Vendors are encouraged to become fully compliant before setting up on any road or highway as we will be fully enforcing these laws.”