Money transfer service petitions for international transfers

Money transfer service petitions for international transfers

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A money transmission service provider yesterday confirmed that it seeking permission from the government to facilitate incoming international money transfers to persons within The Bahamas as the COVID-19 Emergency Order restricts such activity to domestic transfers only.

Julian Rolle, Managing Director of Cash N Go told Eyewitness News: “We have petitioned the government or the competent authority and the Attorney General to b able to complete incoming international transfers so that persons here, Bahamians or other residents would be able to receive funds. We have not heard from them as yet however we have petitioned the competent authority.”

“We asked that incoming transfers be cleared in so much as we would like to help the community at large. There are a number of people here that do receive funds from abroad . There may also be other residents and tourists here who cannot leave and we would like them to be able to collect funds if their loved ones are sending it to them.”

In a March 30th order, money transmission businesses were added to the list of businesses exempted from the COVID-19 order to shut down.

The order however specified that the exemption would allow domestic transfers only and such businesses would only be allowed to operate between the hours of 9am and 1pm Monday through Saturday only.


I have money from March in cash an go ‘ also western uion that my daughter sent and cannot get it to buy food …They should allow us to receivr.

If everyone business close y’all are no different. At least thousands of Bahamian dollars are staying in our country!

Imagine if you had a son or daughter of to college abroad and was lock out of the country when the lockdown came into play…. How would u feel knowing your child isn’t eating and bearly surviving in this foreign country because u are unable to get money to them

Through money transfer some people do money laundering. To avoid this government can allow maximum 200$ can receive.

This is foolishness!! what dose the transfering of funds has to do with Corona Virus..People have love ones across the globe who are trapped and need finacial assistance to survive too so why shut down money transfer internationally? Why?

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