MOE signs $3.2 million contract to make schools wireless

MOE signs $3.2 million contract to make schools wireless

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A  $3.2 million dollar contract with Walkers Industry Ltd. will allow 172 public schools to experience new technology over the next three months, according to Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd.

“This is indeed an historic undertaking as these two entities are prepared to demonstrate the success of this initiative prior to implementing the full-scale project.

“This is the final of four contracts entered to execute the full digitization of the public education system.

“As you are aware, we have previously signed contracts with BTC, Cable Bahamas and Sam’s Business Machines.”

The new wireless system will allow students and staff to block hackers and other online intruders who could potentially harm any confidential files or make adjustments to the schools grading systems.

“This particular contract facilitates the creation of wireless internet connectivity in the school system; laying the groundwork for the realization of tech-smart campuses throughout the commonwealth,” Lloyd said.

The pilot initiative will be implemented in four schools for a three-month period.

These schools include Anatol Rodgers, Rose Island Comprehensive School, Old Bight High School in Cat Island, and Moore’s Island Comprehensive School on Moore’s island Abaco.

“We can now utilize our most talented educators to deliver online lessons in the disciplines which typically face shortages,” Lloyd said, adding that distance learning will allow students to tap into an archive of online resources.

“Lessons will be saved on a virtual platform and there would be a library of resources that our students can access throughout our islands and cays,” Lloyd said.

Julien Anderson, a ministry of education official, said for the sake due diligence, the ministry will conduct a proof [operation] of the wireless concept, to ensure that the proposed design will be feasible.

“We recognize the importance of due diligence on such a multi-million-dollar deal,” he said.

“This proof of concept will encompass all of our technology partners, including Walkers Industry, The  Bahamas Telecommunications Company and Cable Bahamas.

“It will also allow for all stakeholders to look into the installments and that the delivery plan and timeframe is realistic.”