Mobile Assist will not get BPL contract

Mobile Assist – a software company owned by Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) Chairman Dr. Donovan Moxey – will not receive a contract from the energy provider, eliminating the risk of a conflict of interest.   Minister of Works, Desmond Edwards said the public need not be concerned about the company receiving a BPL contract as long as Moxey holds the post of chairman.

The Works Minister said that Mobile Assist is not approved to do business with BPL and cannot be approved while Moxey is chairman.  His pronouncement appears to be in conflict with statements made earlier by Moxey, who suggested that his company could be considered for a contract, as long as he recused himself from the decision.

While addressing the media during a press conference on Monday, the new chairman stressed there was no deal in place, however, he said he would have no problem with the platform being used by BPL and opined that there would be nothing wrong if BPL used his company’s application as long as he was not involved in the decision to engage the company.

When asked why he would not remove his company from consideration, Moxey said beyond his fiduciary responsibility to his shareholders, “If everyone does that, then how do you gain opportunity as a private company? It’s one of those things where it’s not an issue unless somebody makes it an issue.”

Also speaking on the issue during the press conference was Deputy Chairman Stephen Holowesko who stated that Moxey should not have to put aside a company that he has been working on for the hypothetical possibility that there is some contract with BPL down the road, and his company should be able to proceed, regardless of Moxey volunteering his time for BPL.

Former BEC Chairman Leslie Miller expressed surprise at Moxey and Holowesko’s stand on the matter, saying they don’t seem to understand that appearance is reality.  He said further that even if Moxey removed himself from the decision-making process, those charged with making the decision would feel pressured to favor the chairman’s company.