Mitchell’s disrespect for the Police Force

Mitchell’s disrespect for the Police Force
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Senator Fred Mitchell.

Dear editor,

Fred Mitchell’s recent comments about the Royal Bahamas Police Force were deplorable and uncalled for in my opinion. As an experienced politician he should know better than to make reckless and irresponsible comments about hardworking law enforcement officers, just because it serves his political agenda.

As the brother of an officer, I take personal offence.

According to Mitchell, the police can’t be trusted to investigate claims that certain funds were misused or are unaccounted for from the National Sports Authority on his party’s watch.

Even though the PLP trusted the very same officers for five years when they were in office, suddenly because they will be investigating the blunders of his own political tribe, they are unable to carry out an impartial investigation? That is just wrong.  It is insulting and demeaning to the thousands of officers who protect and serve on a daily basis. He should remember that as the party chairman, he speaks for all PLPs when he attacks civil servants in this way.

What Fred Mitchell is really saying is that he doesn’t want the police or anyone else looking into the conduct of members of his party. He is saying that the PLP are above investigation and that they can essentially do as they please and no one should ask them any questions. Considering what it once stood for, it is sad that our country’s first political party so often descends into this kind of entitlement and self-importance.

Who do they think they are?

It is exactly this kind of arrogant behavior that got the PLP kicked out of office in May 2017. Mitchell should just apologize to all police officers for his inappropriate words and seek to do better in future if he would like any chance of seeing his party in office once again.


Ricardo Johnson