Missing pregnant teen found

Missing pregnant teen found

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The pregnant teen girl who escaped custody last week was found by police at a residence in the Soldier Road area yesterday.

Caritha Rahming told Eyewitness News her 16-year-old daughter reportedly escaped from the Adolescent Health Centre during a routine check-up last Thursday.

She explained her daughter had been on remand at the Willie Mae Pratt Centre for Girls since last September after being convicted of vehicle theft.

In an earlier interview, the mother said that while she was unaware of the protocols surrounding the reporting of such an incident, she was of the view that a bulletin should have been disseminated regarding her daughter’s escape particularly given her condition.

“Honestly my main concern is about the baby. If anyone has seen her anywhere they could call the police. I don’t think she is going to allow me to do that. She isn’t going to come to me. She knows I will turn her in. She knows I’m upset and I don’t condone her actions. I really have no idea where she might be,” said the mother.

The mother told Eyewitness News that her daughter reportedly stole a jeep after she escaped custody last week.

“I can’t say that the police or whoever aren’t doing their job but I just feel a bulletin should be out there. I do not know the procedures and if they’re doing it undercover but I just feel like the bulletin should be out there. Had it been she may not have stolen the jeep and caused more problems for herself,” said the mother. 

“I just want her to know that what she is doing doesn’t make any sense. My sister, my daughter and I were coming together to do what we could for the baby. We have tried our best to be there for her and give her the things she needs. You just can’t be playing with your life like that. The things you do know will haunt you later.”

In a statement released this morning, police confirmed the teen as remanded to the Willie Mae Centre on September 7, 2022, and had escaped during an appointment at the clinic on Shirley Street.

Police said the teen was in good health, and was arrested at a residence located in the area of Windsor Place.