Miss GB steps down after social media post denouncing her Bahamian nationality



Bahamian Social Media was in uproar on Tuesday after newly crowned Miss Grand Bahama Beauty Queen 2018 Ewena Gibson publicly denounced her Bahamian nationality, praised the fact that she was Haitian and highlighted the implication that Bahamians are not good looking.

According to Gibson’s Instagram post Monday night, she wrote: “Haha not a Bahamian sorry…. too gorgeous to be. Big up my Zoes.”

Such post quickly went viral generating hundreds of Facebook shares all and comments by Bahamians expressing their utter disdain to the young beauty queen’s distasteful post.

Some comments read: “That crown needs to be taken away…no respect, wow shameful…this is who’s going to represent us?

“…this is plain disrespectful to The Bahamas. This is a very ignorant statement and a slap in the face to The Bahamas.

“Every Queen chooses a platform and hers could’ve been something like “embracing ethnic diversity” where she could’ve raised awareness about the benefits and struggles of being mixed in The Bahamas; there are beautiful Bahamian and Haitian women.  Why tear the other down?”

The irresponsible faux paux from Gibson sparked much discourse around the web to lengths where she herself could not ignore the Bahamian people’s scorn.

Gibson initially issued an apology on her Facebook page: “To all the Facebook people’s, I am so sorry for my errors, disappointed caption. I am a Bahamian, yes, I am.

“I really didn’t mean to say what I say when people telling me foolishness that people said to me about the Miss Grand Bahama organization Pageant took the best part out of me and make myself look like an idiot and foolish as I see now.  I must say I am shame.”

Eyewitness News spoke with Glenn Davis, Miss Grand Bahama Beauty Pageant organization President yesterday who explained that the committee still supported the young queen despite their total disagreement with her statement.

“She is so distraught over what she’s done.  I don’t know what was going through her head at that time, but di plan on reprimanding her, but decided as a committee not to renounce her title.  We do not condone that kind of behaviour.

“Looking over our contract, she is not supposed to be posting on social media which violates the pageant’s policy and she went wrong in this respect in it,” Davis confirmed in a telephone interview.

Lost for words, Davis initially said that he was going to have a press conference about the matter.

Also adding more support to Miss Grand Bahama, committee member April Gow yesterday also highlighted to Eyewitness News that they [committee members] did not want to chastise her for this mistake as she is young, but further adding that we are all of mixed backgrounds.

Late last night, Miss Grand Bahama stepped down as queen, returned her crown and expressed her deepest apologies for insulting the Miss Grand Bahama organization and the Bahamian public at large.