PM: Govt. to review manifesto

PM: Govt. to review manifesto
Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said yesterday that his administration will still seek to implement much of its campaign promises before the end of their first term.

Minnis was responding to questions from Eyewitness News over the recent selection of the Consistencies Commission and whether the move signals a delay in the government’s promise to constitute an Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries Commission, among other promises levied ahead of the 2017 General Election and outlined in the Speech from the Throne.

“The government still believes in trying to follow through with as much of the mandate that we have in our manifesto,” the prime minister said.

“Of course you know, we were thrown off by Dorian and we were also thrown off by the pandemic but we will still try to make up as much as possible.”

On Wednesday, House Speaker Halson Moultrie announced that while the commission members have been selected by the prime minister, opposition leader and chief justice, they are still awaiting formal appointment by the Governor-General.

Minnis noted that the government was simply obeying the constitutional by appointing the committee to do its work.

In the Speech from the Throne, the government promised to constitute an Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries Commission, introduce term limits for prime ministers and introduce a system of recall for non-performing members of Parliament by referendum.

The government also promised campaign finance reform.

Asked whether it is realistic to expect these legislation, given that they require referenda, Minnis said: “I would have to sit down with Cabinet colleagues, we will look at the manifesto, see what we have not delivered on, what has been derailed, the delivery etc, and see what we can move forward with as quickly as possible.”

Earlier this year, Attorney General Carl Bethel said that it is unlikely that the government will be able to hold a referendum, given the extremely political climate.