Ministry of Works to tackle, complete several projects

Ministry of Works to tackle, complete several projects
Director of Public Works, Melanie Roach. (BIS photo)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Ministry of Works revealed on Thursday that a number of public works projects are currently underway throughout The Bahamas.

Melanie Roach, Director of Public Works, revealed that massive road repairs, which began in early 2018, are still underway and will continue throughout the remainder of 2019.

“On a continuous basis we are doing roads within residential communities,” Roach confirmed.

“We just finished Pinewood Gardens Phase B and we have a tender out for Coral Lakes subdivision.

“These roadworks will always be continuing.”

A trip north to the nation’s second city of Grand Bahama reveals that the Ministry of Works is just about complete with restoring the seawall at Smith’s Point.

“We had to make a strong decision during our first few months in office about that seawall and we are extremely pleased with the decision that we made in regards to that. That seawall is almost completed,” said Iram Lewis, Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Public Works.

“We are now installing the railings in that wall and as soon as that is done we will plan the opening. That will be something that we will be able to display considering that the bar has been raised.

Lewis confirmed that the work currently underway on the seawall is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to work lined up for Grand Bahama.

“We also have the government complex down in Eight Mile Rock which should be completed by the end of this year and that will house all of the essential services for government on Grand Bahama” he said.

“We have the primary schools down in the Eight Mile Rock area that will be completed in time for the new school year.

“The fishing hole causeway is underway and the Garnet Lavarity Justice Centre just started this week and the Freeport post office is also in the pipeline.”

Meantime, the Berry Islands, Exuma and Eleuthera are preparing for infrastructure upgrades at their airport facilities.

“A contract for a new terminal building and improvements to the airside for the Berry Islands airport. By the third quarter of this year you will see construction commence on the new terminal building and airside works for the Exuma international airport and the design for the North Eleuthera airport will commence by the middle of 2019,” Roach shared.

Roach confirmed that the ministry, while already busy and booked for the remainder of 2019, is already at the drawing board to strategize budget outlines for additional public works to commence in 2020.