Ministry of Tourism deletes Father’s Day post after social media backlash

Ministry of Tourism deletes Father’s Day post after social media backlash
This image posted to the Ministry of Tourism's Twitter account for a Father's Day post in June 2020 was deleted following backlash. (PHOTO: MOTA)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Ministry of Tourism received backlash on Sunday after posting a photo featuring a white father and son on its Twitter page to recognize dads on Father’s Day.

The photo was removed after criticism mounted on the social media platform.

The pushback comes amid an ongoing global debate concerning race, racial privilege and the treatment of black people by authorities in many jurisdictions, including the United States.

Responding to Eyewitness News, the ministry said a black family was featured on The Bahamas’ primary social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and a white family was posted on Twitter.

This image was posted on the ministry’s Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Of the photo, it said: “The Twitter post was deleted due to the negative backlash and we did not want to further upset Bahamians on Father’s Day.”

According to the ministry, its Twitter account is not run by an agency, but is managed in-house, by Bahamians.

It added that the photo was an “organic post” and not part of a campaign.

The Twitter post read: “Today we celebrate Fathers all around the world, especially the ones right here at home. Continue to [lead] with unconditional love and adventure.”

In response, one user said: “I understand ‘branding’ and ‘target audience’, but goodness. We couldn’t find a Bahamian for this pic?”

Another user wrote: “So [when] we gonna talk about the MOT obsession with whiteness on all their social media platforms.”

In contrast, the reactions were favorable to the ministry’s postings on Instagram and Facebook, which featured a black man and woman, and their two children sitting together on a paddle-board in shallow water.

The caption read: “Today, we’d like to celebrate all the wonderful fathers out there, near and far. Happy Father’s Day from your friends here in The Islands of The Bahamas”.

It received more than 400 likes and at least eight comments.

Sourced from ‘tourismtodaybahamas’ (Posted on Instragram on May 10)

A user with the social media handle ‘bkasmitty’ wrote: “Thank God it’s a picture of a black person/family because it seems like every time I do research on the islands and look up Bahamian social media, it’s always a white person or white people and it’s confusing because I thought it was a nation of beautiful black people, but the social media shows otherwise.”

Another Instagram user with the handle ‘onegrloneworld’ said she “loved the imagery”.

Mother’s Day was recognized on May 10.

At the time, the ministry posted a photo on a black mother and son, whose arms were wrapped around the smiling woman, near the beach.


I’m really tired of everything being about race. Now every ad out of the Bahamas needs to be featuring only black people?

Imagine black people whose lives are literally based on the color of their skin. Not every ad needs a black person but for the most part every government agency especially Ministry of Tourism social media accounts websites and pages has most if not all pictures of white people, not even sure if Bahamians at that, which poorly represent the vast majority of black Bahamians. This is a problem about The Bahamas we knew from birth but what we are seeing now is that people are getting more educated and seeing the inconsistencies in the system we are advocating for equality and inclusion which we long deserve.

Absolutely not, one black and one white person, that seems to be the latest.
But when looking to go to the Bahamas, prefer to see people representative of the Bahamas in photos and not someone that looks likes a tourist from New Jersey. The Bahamian people have souls that captivate and welcome visitors.

People are people are people are people when are we going to see only people created in the image of God. People People People human beings!

You are white right ? Because I refuse to believe a black person would be this ignorant to comment this nonsenses.

This response can only come fro someone who lacks the understanding of historical context and psychological impacts of “whiteness”. And the largest demographic affected by this ignorance is white people.

Please go read a book about slavery, colonization, the civil rights movement, majority rule and the rise to independence in the context of the Bahamas… because that comment is an idealism that comes from white peoples fragility and unwillingness to accept that they consider white to be “right and some how the default when it comes to representation…

But people are people are people right ? ?

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