Ministers call shuffle a ‘privilege’

Ministers call shuffle a ‘privilege’
Minister of Social Services ad Urban Development, Frankie Campbell.

Two of the four reassigned Cabinet ministers are calling the shuffle an honorable move by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The change in posts for the four Members of Parliament (MP), which is expected to take place today, comes 14 months after the current administration took office.

According to Minister of Transport and Local Government Frankie Campbell, the move won’t negatively impact anyone.

While the announcement may have been a surprise to some, Campbell said, the change doesn’t impact the fundamental purpose of the government.

“The vision of the government remains the same, which is to add quality to the lives of the Bahamian people”, he said.

“I’ve run my leg and, in the morning, I will hand my baton to a real athlete, Renward Wells and I know he will run his leg, as we all will.”

“I’m feeling privileged that I still have the confidence of the prime minister…”

Dr. Minnis made the shuffling announcement on Monday during an interview with media at the opening of the Ministry of Labour’s ‘One Stop Shop’ centre.

“I can’t speak for you guys but, Frankie Campbell was continuously aware that he served at the pleasure of the prime minister and that the prime minister could wake up any morning and make such a decision. So, Frankie Campbell behaved like the five wise virgins and kept his lamp trim,” he said.

While the change in ministerial posts did not sit well with everyone, the prime minister noted the decision to reassign four cabinet portfolios was not for a lack of confidence, but for necessary ‘exposure’ and ‘experience’

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis called the move “political musical chairs”.

The reassignments include:

  • Renward Wells reassigned to the Ministry of Transport and Local Government
  • Frankie Campbell reassigned to the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development
  • Michael Pintard will be moved to the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources and;
  • Lanisha Rolle is reassigned to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture