Minister Needs Some Discipline

Minister Needs Some Discipline

Dear Editor,

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands is the least disciplined cabinet minister when it comes to endlessly and needlessly running his mouth and embarrassing the government and himself.

Over the nearly past two and a half years he is proving himself to be a one-man public relations disaster.  If he talked less and did more the PR would speak for itself.

Many Bahamians including his colleagues are sick and tired of his constant speaking out of turn.  As a medical doctor he should stop causing self-inflicted wounds on himself and his cabinet and government colleagues, which others have to come behind and clean up.

His latest self-inflicted blunder is speaking out of turn on what the death toll number should be for Hurricane Dorian.  Such a matter should be decided through the proper channels then announced.

He should not be discussing in public what his colleagues should do.  In so doing he seems to be trying to force the hands of his colleagues and bend decisions to his point of view.  This is the height of arrogance and is an obvious ploy all can see.

Dr. Sands seems to be a one-man band and not a team player.  He has an unquenchable thirst to see himself in the headlines as much as possible.  Either he does not understand cabinet government or he simply does not care about the conventions and rules of cabinet government or some mix of both.

On another matter, whoever leaked the Bahamas National Marijuana Commission Draft Report should be raked over the coals.  The draft was leaked before it was sent to the Cabinet.   The members of the Commission have been disciplined in their deliberations and confidentiality.

Successful teams, whether in sports, business, medicine or politics have collaborative leaders who work together as a team.  Teams are defeated when the narcissists and people with huge egos fail to play as a team.

They succeed when team players subsume their egos and interests to a greater good, which is the rationale for cabinet government.