Minister left “red-faced” over make-up claim


Former chairman Osborne vindicated

It appears that claims that former BPL Chairman Darnell Osborne used company funds for personal services have backfired.  While acknowledging that he did interfere with BLP board operations, but only because of what amounted to misappropriation of funds – including make-up expenses for ousted chairman Osborne, Minister of Works Desmond Bannister said there would have to be an accounting for hundreds of dollars that had been paid by BLP for the “personal” make-up application service done at her home.

However, investigations by Eyewitness News reveal that the service for which the money in question was spent was not personal at all.    Eyewitness News spoke exclusively to a representative from the Beauty Bee Make-up Company regarding a $750 invoice billed to BPL which was published in a local tabloid as evidence of the alleged misappropriation of funds.  The company rep shot down claims by the minister, explaining that the services were actually for some 15 employees during a BPL PR exercise, and did not include services for the former chairman.

The minister’s claim was made in response to Osborne’s assertions that he had interfered with board operations – something he ultimately admitted to outside cabinet.