Miller sues govt. for $70 million, claims govt. conspiracy



Former cabinet minister and former chairman of BEC Leslie Miller.

Former Tall Pines Member of Parliament (MP) Leslie Miller is suing the government for nearly $100 million, according to Miller’s attorney Damien Gomez, QC.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, Gomez said, Mr. Miller could receive up to $70 million in damages.

According to documents filed in the Supreme Court on Monday, Miller is suing Bank of the Bahamas (BOB) for nearly $10 million for alleged breach of contract. Additionally, the suit names the Attorney General’s Office, which is also be sued for $10 million, for failure to pay out rent money which, Miller claimed, was due for leases he signed with the former Christie administration.

The remainder of the claim is said to be for damages.

Gomez said Miller is also seeking an injunction to prevent the government from seizing his property – Summerwinds Plaza on Tonique Williams Darling Highway.

Miller has accused the Minnis administration of conspiring against him.

“The government ministers would have known of the legal obligations that the government has to pay rent arising out of the lease agreements that were executed by the treasurer with the permission of the House of Assembly (HOA) which, by resolution, granted Mr. Miller permission to contract with the government in the matter that he has contracted,” Gomez said.

“Notwithstanding that knowledge, they have used the Bank of the Bahamas (BOB) and Bahamas Resolve in a way that is unlawful.”