The government says it didn’t understand why airlines were still requiring Health Visas for residents when they changed the rules. The problem is the airlines need consistent and simple rules that apply to all, not a huge decision tree they have to go through for every passenger. And then the government keeps changing the rules. Maybe the government can take a cue from the US, the prime source of their tourism market. All non-citizens/non-residents – must be vaccinated and have negative covid test*. All citizens/residents – don’t need to be vaccinated but still have to have negative test*. Only option to replace negative test is a positive test of covid that shows test date is at least 14 days prior to travel date from authorized lab (can put a restriction on it that it can’t be older than 3 months either). Rapid tests are fine as long as report issued from proper facility like a pharmacy, etc.. that shows date/time/who administered (just not a home test kit). These rules are consistent with the US. Only difference I would suggest is 48 hours instead of 24 hours prior to travel. Just get rid of the Health Visa. Reality is the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting infected but there is enough empirical data that it does help with you not getting seriously sick. If you require all visitors to be vaccinated, then there is no need for the “insurance” charge since it is highly likely that visitors will not get seriously sick and require hospitalization – thus will not be a hinderance on the Bahamas health facilities, which was the reason for the insurance to begin with

Try because of a nearly impossible 3 day window for a negative rt-pcr test in many areas. It was tried before elections and slowed tiurism. Many fully vaccd Cabadians will be unable to get a rt-pcr test even in a 5 day window; but they can get rapid tests. Cancellations are not just at the bug hotels: they are across the board at small motels and airbnbs also. Less tourists = less money. Thought we figured that out prior to electing a New Day

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