McPhee-McCuin starts GoFundMe for Hurricane Dorian relief

McPhee-McCuin starts GoFundMe for Hurricane Dorian relief

Ole Miss University Women’s Basketball head coach and Grand Bahama native Yolett McPhee-McCuin joined in on the effort to help restore the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama.

Yesterday, McPhee-McCuin launched a GoFundMe page and social media campaign designed to garner donations to help out residents affected by the storm.

“I am raising money because in the days, weeks, months after Hurricane Dorian moves along, both Grand Bahama and the neighboring Abaco Island will Be in desperate need,” she said. “The majority of those islands’ built infrastructure both private and commercial, is under water including hospitals & Airports. There is, at present, no water; and there will be no power/electricity I suppose. This is the worst our country has likely ever seen.

“I’m beginning relief efforts now so that once the storm has passed and we’re able to provide relief we can immediately. I’d like to not only help with the provision for supplies and essentials but also counseling/mental care support as the hurricane has taken an unimaginable emotional and psychological toll on adults and children from young to old alike.

“My family and I pledge to personally donate 5k to this effort and my plan is to distribute it and additional contributions to various organizations around the Bahamas that are truly supporting  the relief, recovery and wellness of Bahamian people.”

So far, McPhee-McCuin’s campaign has already raised over $20,o00.