McAlpine: Voice notes show FNM prepared to “conspire, plot” for power

McAlpine: Voice notes show FNM prepared to “conspire, plot” for power
Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine said yesterday that audio recordings of purported Free National Movement (FNM) members discussing their “war room” tactics evidenced what many Bahamians already know: that the FNM has “lost its way and lost its tenants”.

In an interview with Eyewitness News, McAlpine said it was “disappointing and disheartening” that the group of politicians he joined in becoming the government has proven to be a “major failure in the eyes of Bahamian people, particularly in the areas of mortality, integrity, fairness and justice”.

“All the things they preached against, they now seem to embrace,” he said.

“It seems as if the FNM, a government that’s about democracy, fair play and freedom, has lost its way and lost its tenants in this regards.

“I think that what was in the voicemails has simply amplified what we knew, which is the fact that the government itself seems shady in its dealing and shady with the people it has been doing business with.

“…I’ve listened to some of them and I’m not surprised.

“I just think that the government has failed to recognize how bad it is hurting people in this country.”

In audio recordings circulating on social media between several alleged FNM members, they admit to being Internet trolls who use fake social media profiles to defend the party and advance its agenda, including disrupting several opposing organizations and individuals.

At one point during the audio recording, a senior member of the government was called and heard saying that Founder of Bahamian Evolution Lincoln Bain caught him off guard with his inside knowledge of a recent parliamentary caucus meeting.

An alleged FNM member can be heard advising the senior government member that a “war had begun” and “we on the ball”. In response, the government member commends the alleged FNMs for their work, adding “you are the Free National Movement’s war room”.

The recording appears to be taken without the knowledge of those heard speaking.

At another point in the recording, a purported FNM member suggested McAlpine was shut out of a particular meeting.

Yesterday, McAlpine said he has remained an FNM not because of a nomination, which has long been out of the window, but because he had hoped to show the FNM “the error of its ways” and promote change.

“With these voice notes, the government is showing how they are prepared to conspire and plot against destroying people’s lives; in many essences for what, lunch money, couple dollars? The government’s policies, the government’s politics and the government’s behavioral pattern has left many Bahamians depressed, suppressed and oppressed.

“And it’s unfortunate they’re so disconnected that they think they’re doing a good job.

“But they don’t recognize they are hurting more people.

“More people are hurting today prior to 2017.

“Mind you, yes the government has had some troubles — Dorian, COVID-19 — I accept that, but like I said in my speech in the House, they would have been easily forgiven if their performance was at a higher standard prior to these catastrophic events.”