McAlpine says he feels ‘vindicated’

McAlpine says he feels ‘vindicated’

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Pineridge member of parliament Frederick McAlpine told Eyewitness News today (Tuesday) that he finally feels vindicated after the alleged underhanded dealings linked to the relocation of the General Post Office to the Town Center Mall is finally coming to light.

McAlpine, although a part of the Minnis administration, raised a red flag on the proposed deal when government made the initial announcement that the Town Center Mall would be the new location for the general mail hub.

He sounded the alarm on what he said was the alleged double dipping by his colleague, St Anne’s member of parliament and former cabinet minister Brent Symonette.

Many of McAlpine’s colleagues decried his approach to the entire situation, but now that headlines are telling the story behind the entire deal; he said the truth is now prevailing.

“I feel vindicated, but even with my vindication I feel bad at the end of the day for the Bahamian people, because once again we find ourselves in a position where we distrust those who are in authority to govern us,” McAlpine said.

“So, there was a time when the FNM once had a saying, ‘It’s a matter of trust,’ but, it’s unfortunate that Bahamians seem to be losing trust in governance.”

McAlpine said the prime minister must now tell Bahamians whether or not the secret conversation with Symonette was done before or after a cabinet meeting.

He said if it happened before a cabinet meeting took place, the prime minister’s character and the country’s democratic process is to be questioned.

“Cabinet ministers and members of parliament are going to have to choose whether or not they are going to stand on the side of public interest. As for me, I will always stand on the side of principle and on the side of Bahamian people,” McAlpine said.