Marijuana and marijuana-laced foods mostly confiscated in 2018

Marijuana and marijuana-laced foods mostly confiscated in 2018
A marijuana plant.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Marijuana was the most confiscated drug in 2018. This included confiscation of marijuana plants and marijuana-laced foods such as marijuana caramel mix, marijuana cupcakes, marijuana cookies and marijuana cookie dough.

These and other drug figures for 2018 were released Tuesday by the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) during the commissioner’s annual ‘Meet the Press’ conference at police headquarters.

The police did not give a street value for any of the drugs confiscated in 2018.

Last year, a grand total of 10,292.16 lbs of marijuana was confiscated throughout The Bahamas.

Of this amount, 4,296.49 lbs was confiscated in New Providence; 1,619.83lbs in Grand Bahama and 4,375.85lbs on the Family Islands.

As for marijuana plants, a total of 8,439 plants were confiscated by the EDU.

Of this figure, 225 plants were confiscated in Nassau; 1,208 in Grand Bahama and 7,006 on the Family Islands.

Last year, police have also seen a trend where marijuana was being added to food and baked goods.

Yesterday’s statistics revealed that one marijuana caramel mix was confiscated in New Providence as well as 21 marijuana-laced cupcakes, 31 marijuana cookies and one marijuana cookie dough.

Other drugs confiscated by the DEU in 2018 include: Amphetamines, cocaine, cocaine capsules, ecstasy, hashish, heroin and methamphetamines.

As for amphetamines, three grams were confiscated on the Family Islands.

A total of 183.99lbs of cocaine was confiscated – 61.86 lbs in New Providence; 47.59lbs in Grand Bahama and 74.54lbs on the Family Islands.

Also, a total of 325 cocaine capsules were confiscated.

As for Ecstasy, a total of 0.50lbs was confiscated.

A total of 54.16lbs of Hashish was confiscated, of which the highest amount was confiscated in the Family Islands with 27.02lbs; 17.34lbs in New Providence and 9.80lbs in Grand Bahama.

As for Heroin, a total of 9.50lbs was confiscated and 0.50 grams of Methamphetamine was confiscated last year, both in New Providence.

Of the total 1,481 drug cases for 2018, 1040 were prosecuted, and of the 1,666 persons arrested, only 1397 persons were charged.

This included a total of 1,359 adults and 38 juveniles.

The majority of the cases prosecuted were in Nassau of 722 persons; 181 in Grand Bahama and 136 on the Family Islands.

Meanwhile, a total of 1666 persons were arrested for drug-related matters in 2018.

One hundred and thirty (131) persons were arrested for cocaine.

Twenty-four  (24) persons were arrested for cocaine and marijuana.

A total of 1,453 persons were arrested for marijuana, which included marijuana possession, possession with the intent to supply, marijuana plants, importation of marijuana, conspiracy to import marijuana and having baked marijuana goods.

Four persons were arrested for possession of marijuana and hashish – one with possession of marijuana and hashish and three for possession with the intent to supply.

One person was arrested for hashish.

One person was arrested for heroin.

Four persons were arrested for having methamphetamines.

A total of 48 persons were arrested and questioned with reference to dangers drugs, but police stats revealed that they were not charged.