Man stabbed to death months after twin’s murder

Man stabbed to death months after twin’s murder

Nicartha Murphy described as “life of the party” by those who knew him

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Police in the capital are investigating a stabbing incident that occurred on Wednesday, July 10, 2019, which left an adult male dead and another male detained in hospital.

According to police reports, shortly after 9:00p.m. on Wednesday, two men were in the parking lot of a business establishment on East Street South and Cox Way, when they got into an altercation, which escalated and resulted in them stabbing each other about the body.

Both men were transported to hospital, where one of them was later pronounced dead.

Police said the second man is detained in serious but stable condition.

Investigations are ongoing.

Meanwhile, police did not identify the murder victim, but Eyewitness News Online understands that he is 32-year-old Nicartha Murphy, also known as ‘Nick’.

Last year, Murphy’s twin brother, Elcartha, was also shot and killed.

Yesterday, Murphy’s mother, Miriam Murphy, said that she has not received closure from police officers as yet, but hopes to hear more about the details surrounding her son’s demise.

“I was right in here [at home] when my neighbor came and told me my son is out on the corner laying down in blood, she explained. “I went inside and got my slippers, me and my sister, and we caught a ride and gone out there. I said I have to see him. The police tell me ‘back off, let him catch a little breather.’ I gone squeeze right through and I touched him. I said, ‘Nicartha, this mummy,’ he said, ‘mummy, I’m praying,’ that’s all.”

Murphy’s younger brother, Curtis. Murphy, said that although it has been a rough couple of hours for his family following the tragic news, he is trying to stay as positive as possible.

“Honestly, I just got to keep praying for strength to overcome everything,” he said tearfully. “He was loving, sweet, just loved to party and have fun, that’s just him, that’s his life.”

Murphy was described as the “life of the party” by those who knew him.

“You couldn’t be around him without laughing,” said Latoya Higgs, a cousin of Murphy who is also a police officer. “It just feels like deja-vu.”

Higgs added that although officers have not provided much information on the matter as yet, she thinks that they are doing all they can to help the grieving family.

“Being a police, I feel like everything that could be done is being done,” she stated. “And we have a new era and a new breed of people as supposed to talking, everybody picking up a gun or a knife, or fighting. Conflict resolution is the issue, it’s not a governmental issue, it’s not a police issue, it’s just that we forget how to love each other and how to live as one.”

Having experienced this loss twice and being a police officer, Higgs said that it is important for people to be aware of the company they keep.

“Sometimes you have to choose your friends,” she warned. “You have to choose the people you keep around you, you have to choose the places you go. You have to make wise choices.”

Murphy’s death pushed the country’s murder count to 47 for 2019, according to Eyewitness News Online records.

This article was written by Marechan Burrows – Eyewitness News Intern.