Man sentenced to 58 years for murder

Man sentenced to 58 years for murder
Deiondre Delvon Demeritte, 22.

Deiondre Delvon Demeritte, 22, was sentenced to 58 years behind bars at the Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOC) Thursday, for the April 2016 murder of Calvin Thompson and the attempted murder of two others.

Demeritte appeared unbothered by the hefty sentence handed down by Justice Bernard Turner, as he stood in the prisoner’s dock in court yesterday.

Thompson was found shot to death in a car off Carmichael Road, police said.

According to court documents, it is believed that Demeritte was catching a ride with Thompson and another man and woman, when he shot all of them before fleeing.

Thompson died on scene and the other two victims were admitted to hospital.

In handing down his sentence, Justice Turner described the act as “cold and calculated” and called Demerritte a menace and terrorist to society.

“This convict is nothing less than a cold-blooded killer …who killed the deceased person at his own submission, who was known to him,” Justice Turner said.

“Society, simply put, must be protected from young men who mark their entry to criminal behavior by executing other men for reasons completely unknown.”

Demerritte was sentenced to 60 years for murder and 28 years for each count of attempted murder. The sentences will run concurrently and two years was deducted from the sentence for time served.

The convict has 21 days to appeal his sentence.


Why should he bothered about the “hefty sentence?” We will be caring for all his needs i.e. food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education if he desires.

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