Man found dead in commercial building on Mackey Street

Man found dead in commercial building on Mackey Street
Mortuary services personnel remove the body of a man found dead in a commercial building on Mackey Street on November 10, 2020. (FILE PHOTO)

Foul play not suspected 

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The decomposing body of a man was found yesterday in a commercial building on Mackey Street where he lived.

The man was identified as Jeff Martin, 58, a father of two.

His longtime friend Matthew Mitchell, whose family owns the commercial building, found Martin when he opened the doors of the building.

Police received reports of a stench emanating from the building around 9:20am and accompanied Mitchell to the property.

Martin was lying in bed in an area of the commercial building where he lived.

The building also houses a customs brokerage, moving and trucking business.

Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters said the evidence did not suggest foul play.

But he noted police were waiting for an autopsy report to determine the exact cause of death.

Peters said the evidence suggests the body was there from Friday.

Mitchell said he was trying to get a hold of Martin over the past couple of days, but could not reach him.

“I came down to get something done and noticed that after I shouted out a couple of times he didn’t respond,” he recalled.

“I went to the window and after seeing loads of flies and I looked inside and there he was.”

Recalling his longtime friend, Mitchell said he used to play with Martin and his siblings when they were just five-years-old.

“We were like peas in a pod growing up”, he said,

He described him as a super guy, who was athletic, friendly, and warm.

“He gave his last to those he loved and cared for,” Martin added.

“Really good guy. Very, very sad to have found him in the way that I did.

“That’s something that will probably never, ever leave me.”

Martin left behind a son and a daughter.

His wife several years ago, according to Mitchell, who said his family was distraught upon hearing the news.

“It’s really very difficult to accept that it’s reality,” he said.

“You never expect these eventualities to come to your friend, but life takes different turns.”