Malcolm Park gets a facelift

Malcolm Park gets a facelift

Thanks to the collective efforts of Bahamas Striping, KW Pavers and The Bahamas Public Parks and Beaches Authority (BPPBA), children in the St. Barnabas constituency will now be able to perfect their basketball skills on a new court with new backboards, rims and a patriotic paint job.

Member of Parliament for the area and Executive Chairman of the BPPBA Shanendon Cartwright said he was overjoyed about the project and described it as being near and dear to his heart having grown up playing basketball on similar courts.

“This is the reflection of what partnership can do,” said Cartwright.

“Parks are where dreams and aspirations are nurtured not only by young men but by families from all walks of life.”

However, Cartwright is not the only one excited about the re-opening of the park. According to Managing Director of Bahamas Striping Allen Albury, residents in the area are always sitting around anxious and excited waiting on the okay.

He told media that if they were to come back the day the court opens, there would be dozens of people out there.

While Albury said he was proud of the work they had accomplished on the court, he encouraged the government to allow more projects like this one to be done not just around New Providence area but Family Islands as well.

The revamped basketball court has also been equipped with certified new acrylic surfaces.

President of Bahamas Striping Atario Mitchell said that the new cushion on the courts surface helps to lessen the impact on players’ joints and is way better than the hard, rigid asphalt there before.

The court is expected to open Monday and all companies involved are excited to see the public’s reaction.


This article was written by GINELLE LONGLEY, Eyewitness News intern.