Major changes made to national high school diploma



How will lowering the standards advance the children towards a productive future???

It is not a lowering of standards.
It is making the process more equitable and accessible for those children who are already at a disadvantage.
Think about the students on Ragged Island or Mayaguana…They are simply not offered the same opportunities to learn and are definitely not offered the plethora of subjects that most schools on New Providence offer.
Therefore, that automatically disqualifies them from graduating with the high-school diploma.
Those 37 credits were killing gifted students.
It was saying to students in grade 10 that if you fail once, you may not recover that F. Or, even if you get a D, and it is not recovered, that you are ineligible to graduate and therefore there is no point to continuing the high school experience.
So the NHSD was essentially designed to aid students to fail if they had an academic setback, from grade 10.
What is the messaging in that concept?
If you fall down once, academically, it’s over for you?! That’s it…you’re a failure …no redemption?
Even criminals get bail, win appeals and early parole/release!
No wonder these Students are so anxious, depressed; cutting and killing themselves.
Students were even denied the NHSD during the pandemic because they could not access the internet and get assignments, or sign in everyday.
That is not right, nor is it fair.

You sound ridiculous. Well known fact; children on the family island are amongst the highest BJC & BGCSE results. Those kids have better graduating numbers than those in Nassau. This is definitely a lowering of standards. Most of the requirements do not hinge on grades alone, there is a volunteer component, club participation, attendance record requirement to graduate. Those things can be done on any island. Besides making off center, untrue statements only make your points even more invalid… where are kids killing themselves in mass in The Bahamas? And the pandemic shouldn’t be used as a benchmark for our education standards
it was a once in a lifetime event. The only responsibility of a child is to learn, school is meant to prepare for the future. If a child fails in grade 10, that is more than enough time to correct that failure(even though we know a child can graduate with a 2.0, disproving a fail disqualifies from graduating)

My niece grade point was 3.9 and because she did not make up a subject she flunked in grade 10 she did not graduate. Sad

I think what was put in place was to make these lazy children be accountable to face the outside world. Lowering the criteria just set them back. When it was mandatory Bahamian parents of Government schools students hardly attended PTA meetings.

Great job by the government to introduce the honors pathway as well, because it allows some students who may have fallen through the cracks with special circumstances, like home schooling or other situations, to prove their competency by BGCSE or SAT scores. This is another way the government has increased equity and inclusiveness into the new requirements, which was not specifically highlighted in this video.

Remember my principal telling me I won’t make it anywhere in life cause I ain’t graduated now look 500$ daily as a fly fisherman excluding tips still no diploma also I won’t waste my time trying to get it either 2 siblings with that and more deemed overqualified but hey to each is own

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