Lyford Cay Foundations grants $1.5 mil. to food aid

Lyford Cay Foundations grants $1.5 mil. to food aid
Volunteers prepare food assistance packages at Lend a Hand Bahamas, which received $25,000 from Lyford Cay Foundations earlier this year to provide food support to families affected by COVID-19. (photo credit: Lend a Hand Bahamas)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Lyford Cay Foundations announced a commitment of $1,500,000 in grant funding for food aid to the Bahamian community on Monday.

This aid will be disbursed in equal tranches starting this month until the end of the year, according to a statement.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March, Lyford Cay Foundations has disbursed $275,000 through local feeding organizations.

The organization’s additional grant of $1,500,000 will bring its total commitment to food aid this year to $1,775,000.

Chairman Basil Goulandris said: “The Board of Directors and donors of Lyford Cay Foundations remain extremely concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on The Bahamas. We are deeply committed to supporting Bahamians and their families during this crisis.”

The statement noted the world continues to suffer with this pandemic, with The Bahamas particularly affected given its tourism dependent economy and recent devastation by Hurricane Dorian.

Chairman of The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation Tim Unwin said: “Our board and donors are very concerned, and will continue to raise funds from the Canadian community for this urgent need. We remain ever hopeful for a bright future for The Bahamas.”

The statement added: “Lyford Cay Foundations recognizes that the current needs are immense and is committed to doing its part to help those who are most in need. The caring donors of this organization through their donations are working with community partners in order to achieve much needed relief for The Bahamas during these perilous and uncertain times.”


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