Love is in the air and so are basket sales

Love is in the air and so are basket sales

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- February is known as the month for love, with much emphasis placed on romance and affection.

And while persons shop for various gifts for their loved ones, Valentine’s Day baskets are always a hit for many Bahamians who are looking for an affordable gift for their loved ones.

Vendors at the R.M. Bailey Park said despite the gloomy weather yesterday, sales have been booming since the beginning of this week it is clear that many have not forgotten their loved ones.

“I started  [selling baskets] on Saturday and business was good…because my prices are reasonable and I appeal to everyone,” said Katherine Weeks, a vendor at the R.M. Bailey Park.

“I think that the weather made a difference today, because it’s raining off and on and persons are closing and opening [their stalls], but sales have been great,” said Annis Albury, another vendor.

Although some of the local vendors have been setting up shop at the R.M. Bailey Park every Valentine’s Day for years, some were new and were quite surprised at the many requests for baskets.

“This year we had more folks asking for kids baskets and that was really different, so next year I have to start making more kids baskets,” said Karen Brown.

According to R. M Bailey Park Association President, Karen Browns, most sales took place late in the evening, leaving vendors with a lot of time to prepare gifts throughout the day.

“R.M Bailey Park comes alive in the evening,” Brown said.

When asked about sales this Valentine’s Day compared to the Christmas season, vendors told Eyewitness News Online that both are always busy times, and it appears as if Bahamians have not given up on their love for one another.