Loren Klein sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

Loren Klein sworn in as Supreme Court Justice
Attorney Loren Klein, QC

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Attorney Loren Klein, QC, was yesterday sworn in as justice of the Supreme Court during a brief ceremony at Government House.

Speaking to reporters in the foyer, Klein said he was deeply honored and humbled, and looks forward to working with the Chief Justice Brian Moree, QC, who was sworn in last June, to “try to improve the justice system”.

“The chief justice has recently announced a new raft of initiatives to help with that process

“You do know that one of the major complaints about the judicial system in the country is that the cases are not disposed of speedily.

“And so, I think these initiatives will certainly help in that regard           .

“These include the introduction of an IT system and new rules, which will hopefully allow judges to move the process more rapidly.”

Foreshadowing his contribution, Klein said he plans to focus on constitutional and public law.

He said too many cases that determine fundamental rights for citizens has “languished for far too long”.

The Queen’s Counsel stressed the importance for an audited, administration system where people know their rights and obligations, and the government knows the same.

“And so, I think I will be able to assist in trying to deal with those cases expeditiously,” Klein said.

“As things currently stand, I will be on civil side, but of course that is at the discretion of the chief justice.”

Klein has served as the chief legal consultant at the Office of the Attorney General for the last eight years.

He sat on both Constitutional Commissions in 2002 and 2012.

He is a former chief counsel in the Office of the Attorney General; a retired commander in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force; associate lecturer at the then College of The Bahamas between 2000 and 2004; and a journalist at The Nassau Guardian between 1984 and 1986.