LOCKDOWN: Full, 24-hour weekend curfew announced for Abaco and New Providence

LOCKDOWN: Full, 24-hour weekend curfew announced for Abaco and New Providence
Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis (BIS Photos/Yontalay Bowe)

Weekday curfew reintroduced from 7pm to 5am beginning Oct. 13

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced today New Providence and Abaco will see a return of increased restrictions, including a “full, 24-hour weekend curfew” over the upcoming holiday weekend and beyond, and a return of a nightly curfew beginning next week Tuesday.

The full, 24-hour weekend curfew will begin on Friday at 7pm and end on Tuesday at 5am.

The nightly curfew on Mondays through Fridays will be in effect between 7pm and 5am beginning next week Tuesday, October 13.

During an address in Parliament, Minnis said only certain essential services will be permitted during the full weekend curfew.

These include the uniformed branches, customs and immigration, public health services, sanitation services, essential utility services, and the operation of sea ports and airports.

Worship services will be permitted for one hour between 7am and 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, according to the prime minister.

However, food stores, pharmacies, gas stations, construction sites and laundromats will be closed during the full weekend curfew.

“To the extent that this is not already the case, food distribution by the National Food Distribution Task Force will be tailored to take place during weekdays,” Minnis said.

Religious services may also continue during the week in accordance with the Bahamas Christian Council’s guidelines, according to the prime minister.

Social gatherings remain prohibited, according to Minnis, who announced a hotline for residents to report these breaches.

The hotline number is 702-9967 thru 9.

Minnis said police will strictly enforce the orders with respect to social gatherings and the upcoming curfews.

The prime minister said health officials also advised it was necessary to revert to the earlier position regarding funerals and weddings.

Funerals will be limited to 10 people with graveside service only.

Wakes and repasts will be prohibited.

Weddings will also be limited to 10 people, while wedding receptions will be prohibited.

The prime minister said he understands the changes will be challenging for those who planned for larger weddings and funeral for the upcoming weekend.

However, he said if there is a further deterioration of the COVID-19 situation in New Providence, “we risk a collapse of the health care system”.

As of yesterday, there were a total 4,632 cases, of which 1,961 remain active.

New Providence continues to lead cases with 3,468. Abaco had 157 infections.


More details will be provided in a later publication on www.ewnews.com


Apparently you can only be infected by COVID-19 on holidays, the weekend and between the hours of 7pm and 5am. Except if you are in a religious service for no more than 1 hour on Sat and Sun. I finally undetstand the Incompetent Authority’s thought process. COVID-19 in the Bahamas must react differently than any else is the world. What an absolute idiot.

If there have only been 4,632 total cases in a country of 400,000 it means, only 1% of the Bahamian populous has tested positive for Covid-19 since its inception. Even now, there are only 1,961 active cases which is a significantly smaller percentage. It seems to me that instead of causing the entire country to suffer financial loss, loss or decline of mental health and emotional turmoil due to shut downs, instead of insulting us with claims that we are not following protocol and instead of restricting shopping hours which forces Bahamians out in droves(the antithesis of social distancing. the synonym of gathering), in an ultimate effort to cope with PMH’s deficiencies, there are smarter alternatives. For example, the money spent on extra vehicles and resources to beef up the police force in order to control law abiding citizens(enforce the law) and the creation of Covid-19 ambassadors (which means they represent Covid-19-go figure) this money and future resources could have been invested in acquiring additional real estate and medical professionals to bolster its shortfalls. The problem with PMH can only be resolved at PMH by increasing its resources. Lock downs are clearly not a lasting solution because here we go around the mulberry bush once again.

If Dr. Minnis continues trending in this manner, shutting down the country and blaming his advisors for his own decisions he will make history as the nation’s first single term Prime Minister.

Bahamians, this pandemic appears to have distinct ways of infecting the populace and also ways that are unknown which is beyond the understanding of many, therefore it is necessary to take precautions.
Although the measures implemented may not seem wise to most people it will inhibit the social gatherings during the holidays and during the evenings after work. It is necessary to continue the curfew, close restaurants, gyms, limit the attendance at funerals and weddings and wear mask and continue the social distancing.

Additionally, let’s continue to eat healthy foods including more fruits,(3-5 servings daily) vegetables(3-5 servings) legumes (peas, beans, nuts 1-2 servings) wholesome grains,(1-2 servings) exercise half hour daily), drink water ( 6-8 cups per day) breathe fresh air daily especially early morning, rest ( 7-10 hours) and pray..
Using the natural herbs (fever grass, garlic, ginger, lemon plus) is very helpful because they have many nutrients including antioxidants (vitamin c plus) Ensure that you get the advice of your doctor before using these herbs and if you don’t be wise with your intake.
Oh, encourage the health team and utilize the hotline to discourage those that continue to disregard the protocols. (Enjoy your family time and be creative during the lockdowns and curfew)

We an accomplish much when we work together and trust in the power of God! God bless the Bahamas!

This is a very difficult time for The Bahamas, hurricane Dorian and the Covid pandemic have been a huge blow to the system. We can not blame people for their reactions to the “new normal” and the imposed rules, which change the way they are used to operate in daily life. However, discipline is what is required, and a new behavior must be produced and practiced, in order to survive this ordeal. If China had not demanded discipline from their citizens they would not be where they are today, alongside with Hong Kong and Australia. They had no beautiful beaches to escape to and help them keep distance, no wonderful weather and sunny backyards, no gentle, friendly and kind people like in The Bahamas, they had it tough. We must embrace all our emotions and turn them into a necessary courageous response. Stay safe Bahamians and use this time to exercise, stay fit and sane, and to feed new ideas of how to prosper outside the tourism sector.
God Bless

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