Local pastry startup moves to manufacturing

Local pastry startup moves to manufacturing

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A Bahamian-owned pastry startup has stepped into the manufacturing arena to compete with global fresh-frozen pastries like Pillsbury, Partridge farms and Sara Lee.

In a statement, The New Duff credited Solomon’s Fresh Market as it hopes to make its individually steamed dufflings a global dessert option.

Chef Owner Kendrick Delaney said: “For us it’s all about reviving Bahamian traditions and placing the nostalgia of boiling duff for the world to see.

“Taking home our fresh-frozen dufflings and steaming them yourself, not only delivers freshly steamed duff, but reminds you each time of the love our grandmothers, aunts, mothers and neighbors put into duff making.”

Delaney said: “We wanted to make it easier for Bahamians to have that traditional, pillow case steamed duff at their fingertips and take the hassle out of making it if you’re pressed for time.

“Popping it over a pot of boiling water in a strainer or in the microwave in a damp napkin is an easy step process to have your individual duff reminiscent of what Grammy used to make.”

Partner and public relations director Lazar Delorenzo Charlton added: “This is just the first step for our company to make duff as globally commonplace as cinnamon buns.

“We’re proud to be a 100% Bahamian company borne of Bahamian innovation and we are incredibly thankful to the Bahamian public for believing in us and getting us this far.

“Now you can purchase and store duff in your freezer and take a few minutes to enjoy them steaming hot.”