Local Influencer launches website and Christmas Campaign

Local Influencer launches website and Christmas Campaign
Ashley B Swaby

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Local influencer Ashley B Swaby is reintroducing her brand to the world with the launch of a new website and her third “12 Days of Christmas” campaign.

The dual launch was celebrated with an executive launch party held at Island House on Dec 6.

A B Swaby speaks to the crowd at the launch.

Swaby said nearly 2,000 visitors have flocked to her website within the first week, with 240 new signups.

The influencer, who goes by “A B Swaby”, has leveraged her extensive background in project management, event hosting and production, and sales and marketing to amass almost 19,000 followers through her Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat platforms.

Swaby said she is on a mission to help local brands leverage social media to drive interests, awareness and ultimately increase sales. 

She has worked with over 30 Bahamian businesses including Aliv, Limeade Bahamas, Forsythes Communications Centre, Dental House and Paradise Apothecary.

A B Swaby with TrueLove Tours owners Sandy Franks and Cutelle Neymour.

As for the Christmas campaign, one lucky winner will be selected to win a prize every night from December 9 to December 21.

To be eligible, persons should sign up for Swaby’s newsletter via www.abswaby.com and follow her on Instagram to track the daily giveaways.

“The 12 Days of Christmas campaign is two-fold as it connects brands directly with potential consumers, my audience, and others,” Swaby said.

“It also also shows my followers how thankful I am for them supporting me and the brands I work with throughout the year.”

Swaby said her followers are predominantly between the ages of 25 and 34, with 47% of them being women.

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