Local event planner shares secrets to achieving an incomparable experience

Local event planner shares secrets to achieving an incomparable experience

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — “Planners are a necessity, not a luxury” stressed a local event planner who said that for her company, love plays a significant role in the finished product.

Avani Fernander, the CEO at 4 The Love of Events told Eyewitness News that what began as a fascination for wedding planning has led her to specialize in creatively inspired one-of-a-kind events with a seasoned team of professionals.

“I would trust their expertise with my own wedding or event,” she said.

For Fernander, her passion for event planning bloomed behind a receptionist’s desk at the Radisson Hotel and has developed into an internationally recognized brand.

She said it wasn’t long before her desire to pursue event planning launched her from behind the desk to honing an eye for design at the hotel.

“I just always had a love for weddings…and to see brides pass through the lobby made me question how difficult it is to create these types of experiences,” she expressed.

Thus far, one of the climaxes of Fernander’s career found its way on the front page of a UK and U.S. bookazine.

The international Wedding & Honeymoon Media article captures one of the legendary weddings she designed that hosted the faces of Torez and Corrie Hanna.

The event planner relished the freedom she was given by her clients to produce such an exotic Hollywood Glam experience.

Avani Fernander, CEO at 4 The Love of Events.

When asked what gave 4 The Love of Events a unique brand, Fernander said that the way they connect the dots for their clients goes beyond the average requirements of an event company.

Fernander described her innate ability to make events run smoothly as she brings clients’ dreams to life as a quality that is invaluable.

The CEO asserted that vendor relationships are essential to the kind of events offered by 4 The Love of Events.

While she accredits her wealth of experience to opportunities afforded to her in prominent hotels like Atlantis and Only One Club, she has evolved into a brand that is incomparable to competitors.

The event planner has worked with trailblazers that include: world-renowned event planner Collin Cowie; Tampa wedding planner Tracie Domino; and former local planner, Bernadette “Bunny” Burrows.

Now, she has managed to harness a group of experts that share her vision and, while it is not an easy task, are also capable of managing the expectations of clients.

The enthusiast had embraced the skillsets of her team members, but according to Fernander it really became a strategic element during the pandemic.

Fernander disclosed that 2020 was the best year her company saw, despite the unprompted lockdowns.

During that period, the CEO found a loophole that opened the doors to building client trust immensely.

“In that time, we saw a 70 to 80 percent increase after offering free consultation,” the CEO explained.

Fernander shared that she aims to educate couples about steps during wedding planning and how to benefit from team building in the industry for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Although teenage Fernander saw herself as an aspiring journalist, she has made event planning her home.