Load shedding resumes in three-hour rotations

Load shedding resumes in three-hour rotations
Bahamas Power and Light Headquarters

Majority of New Providence impacted by latest round of outages

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – While residential and commercial customers were spared from additional load shedding on Monday night as Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) reported that it returned a “major generation asset to service”, the power provider announced today that it had reinitiated load shedding in New Providence in three-hour rotations — an hour longer than it had the previous day.

“Load shedding began this morning at 10:30 a.m. in the following areas,” BPL posted on its Facebook page this morning.

“We will be load shedding in three-hour rotation today with the hope that the return of a major generation asset will end the need for load shedding, until then, we proceed with the following rotations.

“Offline at present are: Carmichael Road from Blue Hill Road to Bel-Air and Golden Gates Area; Poinciana, Bain Town areas; South West Bay Road, from Commonwealth Brewery; South Ocean Boulevard; Abundant Life Road; Soldier Road East of Abundant Life; Seabreeze areas; Oakes Field, Thompson Boulevard, west of the Police College, Stapledon area; Bernard Road, east of Aquapure to Adderley Street and side streets; Prince Charles, east of Believers Gospel Chapel, including portions of Twynam, Eastern Estates, Winton Meadows and John F. Kennedy Drive, from [Lynden Pindling International Airport] to Gladstone Road; and north and south West Ridge.”

BPL said those areas should be placed back on the grid by 1:30 p.m.

The power company said areas expected to be impacted in the next round of outages included, Ethel Street; Prince Charles Drive west; East Hill Street; Supreme Court; East Street North; East Street South; Tyler Street; Village Road; Cable Bahamas; Nassau Industrial Group; Lockhart House and Blue Hill Road South.

In a follow-up statement issued just before 2 p.m., BPL Director of Communication Quincy Parker said, “At present, BPL expects that the three-hour load shedding rotation will continue.”

The majority of New Providence appeared to be impacted by the next round of outages.

Providing the full list of impacted areas, BPL said, “Area bounded by Ethel Street to the south, East Street to west; Minnie Street to east, and Cordeaux Avenue to the north; Prince Charles Drive (west of Fox Hill Road to Beatrice Drive) including all side streets; College Gardens; Wellington Street; Hospital Lane; Laird Street; the Supreme Court; Fleming Street, Solomon’s Mine; Rawson Square; Bank of Nova Scotia; Royal Bank of Canada; East St. (Bamboo Blvd. north to Malcolm Road); Joan’s Heights; Dorsettville; Domingo Heights; Richville Subdivision;East St. (police Station & south thereof); Kings Subdivision; the ZNS tower, South Winds Gardens; Blue Hill Rd. (south and north to Malcolm Road); Golden Gates #1; Sunshine Park; Seven Hills; and Jasmine Gardens.”

Other impacted areas included, “Marcus Bethell Way; Tyler Street, portions of Boyd Subdivision; Nassau Street (Boyd Rd. to Poinciana Drive); College Avenue; Carter Street; Farrington Road, east of Warren Street; Eden Street, including side streets; Village Road and side streets; Cable Bahamas; portions of Prince Charles Shopping Centre, Gleniston Gardens; Sea Breeze, Prince Charles Drive (east to Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Limited); East Park Estate and surrounding area; Nassau Industrial; Caves Village; Sea Beach; portions of West Bay Street; Salem Baptist; Dominion Life; Quakoo Street, including all streets north to Hay Street; General Hardware; Diagnostic Centre; Rosetta Street; portions of Centreville & Fort Fincastle, Church of God of Prophecy (East Street); Burial Ground Corner and side streets south; portions of Elizabeth Estates (Commonwealth Avenue); Post Office, Sea Gull Gardens, Saint Andrews Beach Estate; Treasure Cove; Port New Providence; Fire Trail Close; McKinney Drive; Sunset Park (north and south of Carmichael Road); Carmichael Meadows; Jubilee Gardens; Blue Hill Road (Tucker Road to Robinson Rd.); Cedar Street; Celery Drive; Ridgeland Park; and Cordeaux Avenue, west of East Street.”

BPL released a schedule of outages Monday, amid widespread public outcry for the power company to better communicate and prepare consumers.

It remains unclear how long BPL expects to load shed.

The Aggreko rental generators, which were expected to shore up BPL’s generation capacity, have yet to be fully installed.

As previously reported, 14 megawatts of rental units were installed recently and were providing additional power to the grid.

Another 10 to 15 megawatts of generation is expected to be installed.

Despite widespread outrage from residents and businesses, many of whom have labeled BPL as unacceptable and in crisis mode, BPL Chairman Donovan Moxey has maintained that the power company is not in crisis.

There was an island-wide blackout on July 2.

Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister advised that it was the result of a heavy-duty truck colliding with a lamp pole in the Coral Harbour area that damaged the 132,000-volt cable.

He said the driver of the vehicle was illegally dumping.