Lloyd says all must play a role to improve education

Lloyd says all must play a role to improve education

Govt., parents, teachers and the community


NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Minster of Education Jeffery Lloyd expressed on Monday that The Bahamas is lagging behind when it comes to Education and learning opportunities must be redefined.

Lloyd was speaking at the annual Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) and Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) awards ceremony at the William Johnson Auditorium Church of God Convention Centre.

The education minister said more must be done than just talking about how to improve the educational system.

“It is a crucial time in Bahamian education and students, educators and administrators have an opportunity to change the future through social media and other avenues, but fail to do so,” Lloyd charged.

The education minister said that the fate of students and their education is not just the responsibility of the government, but parents, teachers and the community.

“Everybody must be in this game; community and the government,” he said.

The education minister said he was not trying to run away from his responsibility and he had made the same complaints [about education] while sitting around the cabinet table as education, he said, is the primary vehicle to ensure that the country is transformed.

“We as a nation sit and stand today with much-unfulfilled potential and if we are not careful, our future is doomed,” Lloyd said.

 The education minister said most students will acquire up to six careers in their lifetime and this requires a greater investment in learning.

Lloyd made reference to former H.O. Nash Junior High School student Jasmine Adamson, who had the Best BJC Overall Results for 2018  with 9 As and 1B.

Lloyd said in 2015  Adamson Adamson was the only primary school student in the top three finalists for the national spelling bee when she attended Stephen Dillet Primary School. He said she also endured negative criticism which suggested that public school students would never reach the top. But Lloyd said her effort gives many hope that the nation can and will turn around when it comes to education.