Lightning bolt kills wedding decorator

Lightning bolt kills wedding decorator

A lightning bolt, which struck Goodman’s Bay Beach Wednesday afternoon, is said to be responsible for the sudden death of a man believed to be in his 40’s, sources confirmed.

The freak accident, which unfolded on the beach, happened as wedding planners and decorators were preparing for an afternoon ceremony.

Sources close the victim confirmed to Eyewitness News late yesterday night that the man – Roy Cartwright – was a part of the décor team preparing for a destination wedding.

“It was as if everyone had been hit by the bolt. That’s how loud and how strong it was,” the source shared.

“The team then heard Roy calling out for help. When they turned around they saw him lying on the ground, visibly hurt.

“They ran to help him and called emergency medical services (EMS) to the scene.”

Cartwright died a short time later, police confirmed.

The lightning and thunderstorm were associated with a tropical wave currently making its way through The Bahamas, according to Deputy Chief Meteorologist Basil Dean.

“The weather that we experienced Wednesday is a part of a tropical wave associated with Tropical Storm Beryl, which is currently making its way out of the country,” Dean confirmed.

“We always advised persons to stay away from the beach, open areas and under trees during these types of storms because it lessens the likelihood of being hit by lightning.”

Statistics from theUnited States (U.S.) suggest that the odds of becoming a lightning victim in any one year is one in 700,000.

The statistics further suggest that the odds of being struck in a lifetime are one in 3, 000.

Another online survey indicates that the odds of surviving a lightning strike are surprisingly good, with only about one in 10 people who are struck by lightning, actually killed.