Letters to the Editor: The struggles of Michael Pintard

Letters to the Editor: The struggles of Michael Pintard

Dear Editor,

Like some FNMs and Bahamians, I have been watching in amusement the dueling letters between the Mackey Street Man and the responses to his letters. I agree with some of what each of them has had to say.

Dr. Hubert Minnis had his mistakes and sometimes didn’t talk to people right. But he deserves credit for the good things he did, including his generally good performance during COVID-19. The country, though, and the FNM have moved on. His chances of coming back as FNM leader and prime minister are very low.

FNM Leader Michael Pintard deserves a chance to show how he can perform. But so far he has not performed well. There are many things he can go after the PLP on. While the Opposition should support the Government when appropriate, Pintard is being too cozy with the PLP while they are going after FNM supporters.

His leadership so far is not impressive. He does not seem to have what it takes. He has been very disappointing. We don’t need another person who may be a poor and unprepared prime minister without a vision, like Brave Davis is turning out to be.

Hubert Minnis is no Hubert Ingraham. However, Michael Pintard is looking and feeling more and more like Tommy Turnquest every day.

Tommy T is a nice man. He has a better temperament than Pintard.  But he was not suited for the top job. 

Who will benefit from the row between Minnis and Pintard? Obviously, Hubert Ingraham and Dr. Duane Sands. Both of them may be enjoying the Minnis-Pintard skirmish. 

Pintard better realize that many of those who voted for and supported him for leader of the FNM can turn very quickly. He may be there just to hold the seat until someone else decides to make his move. 

The PLP is already failing in office and making plenty mistakes. They have no vision.  Brave is not suited for the job.  Bahamians are already getting fed up fast with the PLP.  Things will only get worse.

The right leader of the FNM can take advantage of all of this and lead the party to victory. But this leader is probably unlikely to be Minnis or Pintard. 

Remember this, the PLP won with a lower voter turnout. They did not get a majority of eligible voters. Brave Davis has never been popular. The leadership choices in the FNM right now are not the best. The FNM has to fix this problem if they want to seriously take on the PLP.