Letters to the Editor: The absolute necessity of a gun court

Letters to the Editor: The absolute necessity of a gun court


It has been said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is a gross fallacy and a bird-brain idea of the highest order. Most of this quote has been attributed to the late noted scientist Albert Einstein. Here in our wonderful nation, we have been, collectively, kicking the so-called can down the same old road ad nauseam. Force must be met with force. It is as simple as that.

Mind you, I am not advocating that the police should be authorized to deploy more force against suspected and known criminals at all. There have already been far too many police-related shootings and even deaths. This is the reaction of trigger-happy and, perhaps, rogue elements within the police force, according to available statistics. I am calling for the reestablishment of what used to be known as ‘The Gun Court’.

Yes, we do have courts scattered all over the place, according to the learned Chief Justice and many of our homegrown politicians, across the board. Statistics will also show that a large percentage of the alleged homicides are being perpetuated with the use of illegal firearms. Where are these guns and ammunition coming from, seeing that we do not have the manufacturing capacity to build a firearm from scratch?

Obviously, they are being imported/smuggled by persons, some of whom I suspect are ‘known’ to the police, customs, and immigration. Slack and confusing messages are being sent to the criminal and their allies. When the Gun Court was in place, I was a practitioner at the Criminal Defense Bar. If you were found in possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition you would be charged; arraigned and DENIED bail, out of hand, It was expected that the accused would be tried within a short period of time, say six months. Where this did not occur, then and only then could they be released on bail.

This law was rigorously applied, and criminal cases involving illegal firearms were a rarity. Not so today. Accused people are being admitted to bail, right, left, and center BECAUSE the collective hands of the police and the judiciary have been tied due to deliberate legislation by legislators, most of whom are or would have been lawyers. Even where persons would have been found guilty of a firearms charge, they are given a slap on the wrist and no real jail time!

I do not know if and when the dreaded Gun Court was abolished (if it ever was), but there are too many guns on our streets and within society. Under The Bail Act, then in place, a convicted gunman/woman faced from five to 10 MANDATORY imprisonment without parole. Today, if you shoot someone with an illegal firearm, you could expect to be admitted to bail, like a revolving door.

The PM gave a wonderful national address the other evening. It was well crafted and sought to give comfort and relief to a hard pressed nation. In addition to making national addresses and everybody, except for me, crying, I recommend that the administration commence a series of Town Hall styled meetings to dialogue with those who are literally being murdered while we continue to chase evasive ‘solutions’. He and the Minister of National Security should also authorize a ‘legitimate’ gun buyback program, which could easily be funded by the web/insurance industries.

The shaving cream has hit the proverbial fan, and it is being scattered all over the place regardless of political or religious persuasion. It would seem that the gunmen/women are slaughtering EVERYONE across the board. Bring back the Gun Court and apply the law.

To completely deny bail, however, would be unconstitutional. Strong and effective sentencing for firearms charges would go a long way to dampening or even irreducible cut back on such cases. Maybe the administration may wish to ‘hire’ me as a ‘Crime Consultant’? They would get a bigger bang, pardon the pun, for their dollar. To God then, in all things, be the glory.

Written By: Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.