Letters to the Editor: Tell the truth or show the evidence

Letters to the Editor: Tell the truth or show the evidence
Nawal Mackey, 28.

Dear Editor,

First and foremost, I would like to praise our police force for trying their best to keep our communities safe. We know it’s a tough job and I am sure the Bahamian people appreciate RBPF’s (the Royal Bahamas Police Force) efforts, specifically the decent cops.

But enough is enough.

The story surrounding the incident with the off-duty cop and Nawal Mackey raises a lot of questions:

  1. Was the off-duty cop drinking at the bar?
  2. Where is the evidence (bat)?
  3. Where are the photos or doctor’s report of the off-duty cop’s injuries?
  4. No cameras in the area? How convenient.

Let’s look at the reality. A baseball bat is on average 24 to 34 inches long, which means it was close combat. So, you are trying to tell us that our trained police force cannot disarm a man with a bat without using deadly force? Also, the officer didn’t see him coming with a bat? You cannot hide a baseball bat. Was the off-duty cop’s back turned? Was it a sneak attack? Was the officer drunk, which may have affected his vision?

What it sounds like is a dispute between two individuals who may have had a few drinks. The off-duty cop then discharges his gun and shot the guy multiple times. How is this different from two civilians? Just because he is an officer doesn’t mean it’s OK to kill a man and cover it up.

We, as a country, need to stop allowing the police to feed us ridiculous information when dirty cops disrupt our country. We deserve the truth. If the police force has nothing to hide, show us the evidence. The public deserves the right to know. We are not asking for much; we are just asking for the truth or the evidence. The story is not adding up.

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There is a process that needs to be followed and it is done within the courts. That is where evidence in cases are produced. The officer is said to have serious injuries…what are we trying to say that hd inflicted them on himself. Let’s be realistic here if you are in a fight for your life you would do whatever is necessary to save it. You want to talk about being trained to disarm but you don’t know how the incident started. I sympathize with the family’s lost but you in all honesty can not expect what you are asking for at this stage.

Every time theres police involved shooting what are the normal key words you would hear them usher? And i quote,”the police officer was in fear of his life”.We have lost way too many innocent young men because of reckless Police Behavior.This needs to stop. The courts aint worth 5cents.Many can attest and speak on Nawal Mackey’s character and the kind of person he was and i believe if the tables was turned another way you’d be speaking with a different tongue!!

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