Letters to the Editor: Shanendon Cartwright deserves re-election

Letters to the Editor: Shanendon Cartwright deserves re-election
St Barnabas MP Shanendon Cartwright.

Dear Editor,

Can you please allow me some space in your valuable newspaper to write about an outstanding member of Parliament (Shanendon Cartwright) leading up to the General Elections?

A time for choosing

From the looks of things, the campaign for the upcoming general elections seems to be in full gear. I have seen scores of persons in their red, yellow, green and other attire actively campaigning now.

That brings me to the heart of the matter. It’s a time for choosing. Even Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles cannot help but see the great works of Shanendon Cartwright, member of parliament for the great constituency of St Barnabas. No other MP in recent times has deserved re-election like Mr Cartwright. I believe that we won’t make any meaningful and sustained progress until we as a people start voting for the person rather than the party.

Hi energy, eloquence, wit, good humor, intelligence, frankness and honor are all worthy qualities that he possesses. He has been very aptly described as a “man for the people” who is very down to earth. He has skillfully used his power not simply for the advantage of St Barnabas but also to serve their conception of the national interest.

A time to choose

Shanendon Cartwright has the instinct and drive that take him to the heart of the issues. He is relentless, always moving forward to achieve something for his beloved constituents of St Barnabas.

He is diligent. He studies more intimately the provisions of the bills that he is debating than many of his colleagues. His breadth of interest is very admirable as the MP for St Barnabas. He is also a known player on the national scene. He continues to create programs that benefit his constituents greatly and they know that they can rely on him. He never ducks them, like some politicians. Many times, he can be seen doing things and projects in the constituency.

A time for choosing

As a good parliamentarian, he is very effective in his use of power, taking part in the discussions pertaining to the public welfare, his constituents’ concerns and issues of the country at large within the framework of parliamentary affairs, promoting the constitutional spirit among fellow parliamentarians and also having a character of being an ideal citizen of this country without any personal interest but full of service orientation.

If you are choosing wisely, then it’s time to choose Shanendon Cartwright again in St Barmabas.

Sincerely yours,

Charles Rolle

St Barnabas constituency

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I have preached this to everyomeI speak with politically. He is the only one in my view who has really been doing great things for his constituency (moving derelict cars n clean up campaigns) and in his capacity with responsiblity for roads, beaches and parks. He does deserve his seat.

Yes I must say in all my years of growing up in the st barnabas area. Mr. Cartwright is the ONLY mp I have seen being active in the community. I have never registered or voted in my life because I never believed in politics. But this coming election I will register and vote to have me. Cartwright back in our community. Its not about whether I am an fnm or a plp but I will be voting for the person and not the party. Excellent job Mr. Cartwright. My Member of Parliament

It’s a pleasure and privilege to have Mr Cartwright re elected to parliament,he’s done far more than any Mp that was elected to sever the people of the area, St Barnabas deserve better than what it has been getting in past years ‘NOTHING’ I live born grow up in the area still there and havent seen any Changes, so we deserve a Man of his Character. ST BARNABAS needs a gentle like Mr Shanendon Cartwright.

A Man For The People:
A phrase that holds true to every meaning. A member of parliament that started working from day one and hasn’t stop. He stood by St. Barnabas through all there challenges.

A Time to Choose:
The time for choosing is upon us once more. I sincerely hope St.Barnabas returns him to House of Assembly to continue his excellent representation.

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