Letters to the Editor: Mid-Term Governance Report – Nothing Accomplished, Nothing Planned.

Letters to the Editor: Mid-Term Governance Report – Nothing Accomplished, Nothing Planned.
Allow a small space to convey the following to the leadership of the Progressive Party (PLP).
Over the past 30 months, your focus seems to have been primarily on engaging in a blame game and mastering the art of looking back, rather than on the productive action of building forward. Your extensive travels in search of solutions have been fruitless, mainly because the problems themselves remain undefined.
Your strategy document, The Blueprint for Change, upon which you were elected, now appears to have been merely an idealistic vision rather than a concrete plan of action.
Regrettably, there has been no real tangible progress toward fulfilling the promises outlined in this blueprint.
What’s more, there is a glaring absence of documented plans or strategies for implementation. The lack of written policies, whether they be white, green, blue, or yellow papers, leaves citizens without a roadmap for their involvement in shaping the future of the Bahamas.
At no point have you presented a viable plan for empowering the very people who are essential to the country’s progress.
My advice to you is this: ‘It is never too late to begin.’
Taking small steps at this moment holds more value than remaining inert or, even worse, hastily executing imperfect endeavors for significant change.
It’s apparent to many observers that your focus seems to lean toward securing a second term, yet no substantial progress has been made toward fulfilling the promises of your current tenure. Rushing into another election while neglecting your present responsibilities only undermines your credibility.
Let’s prioritize quality over quantity as we move forward in our efforts to build A Better Bahamas Together.
Written by: C. Allen Johnson