Letters to the Editor: Invest in Bahamian youth

Letters to the Editor: Invest in Bahamian youth
A young entertainer. (AKEEM SCOTT)

Dear Editor,

In this era, young Bahamians are facing many challenges and barriers. They need to be certain the government of The Bahamas will acknowledge their reality and take action to change it.

Young Bahamians are tired of being treated as second-class citizens in their own country. They are tired of being undermined, underestimated and marginalized.

The Bahamas is desperate for leadership that will move away from the traditional practice of political rhetoric and false promises.

The Bahamas needs educated leadership that will make a genuine commitment to youth engagement, work to prioritize issues of importance to young people and implement comprehensive youth-centered policies that will support, engage and empower them directly.

Those policies should encompass more than what we’ve seen in the past. It should be new, holistic, creative, bold and actionable policies that actually provide solutions for the ills of the nation’s education, healthcare and economic systems, all of which affect youth.

More importantly, those policies should be led and shaped by youth to be effective.

If The Bahamas desires to be a country where young people can live a fulfilling life and make meaningful contributions to its society, there should be a meaningful effort by the nation’s leaders to ensure young people are provided with the resources and support needed to succeed.

Akeem Scott

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