Letters to the Editor: Government travel is crucial

Letters to the Editor: Government travel is crucial


Many have asked why it is the the Prime Minister and assorted delegations have been traveling the globe to meet with other Heads of State and governmental leaders. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that public funds are being wasted on such trips. I beg to differ.
The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is no longer the somewhat sleepy fishing village that some of us used to know. We have evolved into a leading nation in the major regional and worldwide world. Yes, we are relatively small, but our geographical location and natural beauty and abundant resources, yet to be unleashed, we are recognized respected leaders. The whole world is now a stage. As such, The Bahamas is obliged to develop and foster economic; trade and cultural ties with any and all democratic nation that would serve our national interests.
Regional and international travel by the PM is crucial at this stage of our growth as a nation and people. This PM, God bless his soul, hit the ground running once the COVID restrictions would have expired or lapsed. He has been a keynote speaker at myriad forums, seminars, and before international audiences. He would have, as a savvy Barrister-at-Law and political genius, cultivated personal relationships with worldwide leaders; movers and shakers.
His job, aside from pure domestic issues, is to place and project The Bahamas of choice for foreign investments critical cultural and sociological alignments. No more, no less. In my view, he’s risen to the occasion. There is yet more work to be done, however, on behalf of a grateful nation.
The recent trip over to Botswana, a state visit, was initiated at the request of the President of that wonderful African nation. The PM took a relatively small delegation. Talks in significant areas of mutual interest would have been scheduled. We will benefit as a direct result of full, all-expense paid scholarships in Botswana relative to agriculture and light industry, and, of course, that nation could serve as a Bahamian gateway into the wider continent of Africa, the Mother Land. In return, that nation would benefit from sending persons from its hospitality and fisheries sectors for hands-on experience and training with our people.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in potential foreign investments are just across the Bar, so to speak. It is a regret that the FNM and its current leadership declined the generous and nonpolitical invitation of the PM to send a delegation, inclusive of the putative leader, to Botswana. As the pretended alternative government, such a visit and interaction would have reaped great future potential for their organization and supporters. This was a missed opportunity but it is what it is.
It is a given that the PM, at any given time and personality, is the Chief spokesman for the nation, and it is a given that travel domestically and internationally is crucial. The Hon. Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, KC, MP, is to be complimented for once again bringing home the proverbial Bacon. To God, then, in all things, be the glory. I would, however, admonish all Bahamians and residents to please have a safe, Holy Spirit-filled Easter Season.
Written by: Ortland H. Bodie Jr


This is the 21st century where u cam sit at your desk anywhere in the world and attend a meetings. The prime minister just want to travel and take a bunch of people with him, wasting the TAX PAYERS MONEY. BRAVE don’t care about the BAHAMIAN PEOPLE. They are getting what they voted for “THE NEW DAY”

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