Letters to the Editor: Court delays and investor confidence

Letters to the Editor: Court delays and investor confidence

Dear Editor,

I read with interest and quite a bit of amusement the wild and furious protestations of former Sky Bahamas Principal Randy Butler in the paper recently. Facing an allegation that he defrauded a foreign investor in his airline to the tune of $28 million, Mr Butler is all bluster, hyperbole and noise.

The investor claims Mr Butler failed to meet the deadline to enter a defense to the allegations and is now seeking a default judgement from the courts. And the former Sky boss is crying foul and screaming bloody murder!

I say it is amusing, but really, it is actually quite sad. Justice delayed should never be a laughing matter, especially when there is a foreign investor who is seriously out of pocket and simply wants his day in court.

Mr Butler is innocent until proven guilty, of course, but all parties in a matter before the courts have a duty to comply with the instructions and deadlines issued by the judge.

The longer this case is drawn out, the worse we look as a nation to prospective foreign investors, who wish first and foremost to know that their investment is protected and that any claims of misappropriation can be dealt with swiftly by the judicial system.

Now more than ever, we need investment from abroad. I would encourage Mr Butler to comply as swiftly as he can with the directives of the court and avoid any further delays in the hearing of this very important matter. The nation’s reputation depends on it!


Ricardo Johnson

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