Letters to the Editor: Concerned about criminal activity near Downtown Nassau

Letters to the Editor: Concerned about criminal activity near Downtown Nassau

Dear Editor,

We, the concerned, are frustrated and irate neighbors of Augusta Street North, Cunningham Lane, Nassau Street North, Virginia Street, Dorchester Streets, West Hill Street North, West Bay Street, Long Wharf and Delancey Streets, the Pointe, the El Greco, the Marriott, the Holiday Inn, FML Group of Companies, etc., and a derelict building called “the Mayfair Hotel”.

We have lived in this area for more than 35, 40 and 50 years and we don’t complain much, but, as indicated, the level of frustration is high.

The Fort Charlotte Police Station sits on West Bay Street opposite Long Wharf or the Western Esplanade Beach. For years, police come and go, have known about the area and have done nothing and the area is a haven for criminal activity. You name it and it’s in this high-traffic tourist area. Persons hide out or do their crimes and come in a high-traffic tourist walking area, hide their loot and return for it. The MP for the areas, Bain and Grants Town and the other section from Nassau Street is Fort Charlotte, have not visited or walked through to see what is going on. Nothing is being done or said.

In this area, we don’t complain much but enough is enough. There used to be patrol cars combing the area during certain intervals at night and day. But if you’re patrolling, man, everything isn’t normal. This brings me back to my point. The Fort Charlotte Police Station needs an upgrade. You can count the times weekly, if they feel good, that you will see a foot patrol in the back areas. There is a camera pointed up Augusta Street and the police see nothing. Cars, homes, businesses and the churches in the area have had persons accosted/robbed, in a high-traffic tourist area, or are we going to wait until we have a tourist found dead in the area or shots fired to address the problem?


Concerned Neighbors

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