Letters: The path less traveled

Letters: The path less traveled

By Tanae Adderley

There is a siren call beckoning from the ocean, it is filled with the criticisms, complaints and agitations of the nation.

The debate on problems that impact our daily lives are voiced in mega phones so deafening – none are free from its grip. Turn on your local radio station – and drift into uncharted waters and deep dive analyses of problems from every single viewpoint.

Recognition of the problem is indeed the first step to eliciting change. However, there is an absence of one key element in this equation: the SOLUTION.

The ever-elusive solution is often grazed, but rarely grasped. In our efforts to evade the root of problems, we do what comes best to human nature: BLAME. Inquisitive minds wonder who is the focal target to bear the burden of a disgruntled people? The government.

With great urgency, we expect these individuals to be infallible and absolve issues we don’t even want to acknowledge in our own right. Deflection of personal responsibility is a skill that is embedded into the very fabric of society. Some external institution or opposing force must be the cause of the problems in our daily lives!

If the past is a predictor of the future – this continued approach will not yield the desired results. So how do we end the bitter blame cycle and blaze a new path?

1) Choose Action: 

Words have power to bring awareness to the issues that are most important. The critical key in action is to place one foot in front of the other and boldly take ownership of our personal role in the problem. When we choose ownership, we acknowledge our personal power to influence the world around us. However limited you believe the potential impact will be, summon the courage to do your part. Choose action, and you will be amazed at the progress you achieve.

2) Choose Partnership:

We are all connected and must leverage this capacity to promote the greatest good. Any individual success you may have garnered, can only be compounded by the presence of partnership. In your quest for connection, you will discover that you are not alone and that others share the same grievances that you too experience. So grab your fellow complaint partner, and decide to no longer bond over shared criticisms, but to do something about it.

Acknowledgement of problems is the easy part, let’s challenge ourselves to take the road less travelled, and ACT.