Letter to the PM: Help the sick who cannot afford medicine

Letter to the PM: Help the sick who cannot afford medicine

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

It is with great distress that I write the letter.

I congratulate the honorable prime minister and his team on their win at the polls. As I watched Mr Davis give his speech, I was impressed with his humility, compassion and empathy for others, especially the most vulnerable.

I have never meet Mr Davis, but I have often heard people speak of him, and they always say he is a nice man, he helps people, he is a compassionate man. I hope, then, that you can assist me and those affected and move and rectify our plight swiftly.

I am a cancer patient. I have been attending the PMH Oncology Clinic for a while now, I have Stage 4 cancer. There isn’t much the doctors can do as there is no cure for my situation, but I am thankful that they are doing the best they can to extend the time I have left for as long as they can.

My problem is that I am unemployed. I must get my chemo regularly; it is the only thing except God that is keeping me alive. There is a lady at the oncology business office who is very hard and uncompassionate when dealing with persons such as myself. The other day, I went to get some much-needed medication. She gave me a bill of how much it costs. I did not have all the funds, but I gave her everything I had on me and she still refused to allow me to get my meds. She said I would have to come back when I had sufficient funds. My God, what are persons like me to do?

Princess Margaret Hospital.

I have seen others leave crying because they did not have the funds to get their chemo, even though the nurses tried to intervene and pleaded with her. I do not know her name, but I feel she is on the wrong job and in the wrong ministry. I don’t have a problem paying my bill; God know I wish my circumstances were different because it is rather embarrassing when you go to get treatment and are refused because you do not have the funds to pay.

I have seen many patients stop coming because of this and even though they know that the cancer will only continue to spread without treatment, they are left without a choice. What can you do when you do not have the funds to pay?

Mr Prime Minister, I am writing you to have you investigate this situation and rectify it as soon as possible. You said that you are here to look out for the poor and the middle class. Well, this is one area we need you now. Please come to our rescue.


Sick and stressed

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Wow! Really heart wrenching as so many of us are in similar position where we can’t afford to pay for chemo treatments. I pray to God that this situation is addressed with improvements to National Health Insurance.

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