Letter to the Editor: The Prime Minister is on fire

Letter to the Editor: The Prime Minister is on fire
The PLP was returned to power in 2021, a little short of three years ago, under the stellar leadership of Philip ‘Brave’ Davis. KC, MP. The victory was anticipated, but not the lop-sided electoral majority. The opposition FNM, under the halting leadership style of Dr Hubert Minnis (FNM-Killarney), was badly decimated and left shell-shocked. It has often been said that the voice of the people is the voice of God. I do not necessarily subscribe to that viewpoint, even if God is ALWAYS in the mix of everything.

From day one, Mr. Davis and most of his team have hit the ground running. The most urgent and pressing issues which confronted the Davis team was the safe reopening of the nation and the restructuring of our economy. May I suggest that he/they were successful in the reopening after Bahamians had been obliged to sporadic and draconian curfews and lockdowns. Some say that they were necessary, BUT the sense of resentment, which resulted amongst a large number of Bahamians, was politically fatal to the now semi-defunct FNM. The economy is now up and running again smoothly.

Whenever some Bahamians appear to compliment any other Bahamian, some unkind souls are prone to suggest that one is seeking some favor or advantage. Not so in my case. ALL of my help comes from The Lord God. I need or want NOTHING from a mortal man/woman because it might come with some tight strings or baggy shorts. It should now be clear to most Bahamians that the Prime Minister is a man ‘on fire’ as he continues to serve the good people of this wonderful nation. There are still numerous challenges and we ar not yet out of the proverbial forest.

Crime and inflation have emerged as the two issues which are of major concern to the average Bahamian. As it relates to crime, honest people will readily admit that crime, per se, is NOT out of control to the extent bogusly portrayed by many deluded and mischievous Bahamians. The bulk of the crimes being committed are being perpetuated amongst so-called gang members and their allies. Revenge and retaliation are , seemingly, driving the statistics on alleged homicides. The average law-abiding citizen, basically, is NOT being negatively impacted by crime, especially homicides.

At some point, our hard-working and visionary Prime Minister may have to consider ‘tweaking’ the crime fight strategy of the Davis administration. I have complete faith in the current Minister of National Security and the current Commissioner of Police. They are, in my considered view doing the best that they are able under the prevailing circumstances.

I would love to see more rehabilitation projects put in place so as to encourage inmates to change their thinking and societal processes. Building a bigger jail may sound populous, but it adds NOTHING to rehabilitation. I would also caution the current COP to stop his public utterings about bail and the judiciary, He may well be crying ‘Wolf’ too often besides his constant bemoaning may do more harm to the morale of his officers than good. I would also hope that the appropriate succession plan is in place for his inevitable retirement.

The PM is a dynamo and his recent hectic schedule reflects that. A new consulate office has been opened in California, and the PM was right there. The following day, the PM, as Minister of Finance, presented the mid-year budget in the House of Assembly. He’s conducted two recent walk-a-bouts in Carmichael and Fox Hill. This week, he’s in Guyana along with other Caricom leaders to participate in the 24th Heads of Government Summit also down in Guyana. Next week, it is anticipated that the debate on the budget will begin in the House of Assembly.

The long vexing issues at NIB are being addressed, and I fully expect rationalization under Minister Myles LaRhoda (PLP-Pinewood) before the second half of this year. BPL legacy issues are also being addressed by the Davis administration, as are the long-festering issues with The Public Hospital Authority, inter alia.  thanks to the Hon. Michael Darville (PLP-Tall Pines).

The issues and concerns that have plagued the Public Service for decades are being addressed by one of the most competent and efficient cabinet ministers in the form of the Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle (PLP-Golden Gates), the hard-working Minister of Public Service. These ministers are all performing admirably under Davis’ leadership.
Yes, the PM is a man on ‘fire’ in his quest and zeal to better the overall conditions of ALL Bahamians, regardless of race, color, or creed. I have lived under the sway of ALL Prime Ministers to date, and I am able to say, without the shadow of a doubt, that apart from the late great and incomparable Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, Brave is the second best one, bar all. To God then, in all things, be the glory.Written By: Ortland H. Bodie, Jr Business Consultant & Talk Show Host