Letter to the Editor: The PLP and the FNM are the same

Letter to the Editor: The PLP and the FNM are the same


In about 30 months or less, we will go to the polls to elect a new government under our democracy.

We have had a duopoly of power between two major parties over the past 60 years. The pendulum has been swinging back and forth between the two major parties over the past twenty years. In my humble opinion, neither party has adequately addressed the needs and concerns of our people, and citizens like myself are becoming disenchanted with the political process. It has been estimated that it will take about thirty million dollars {$30,000,000.00) to run an effective campaign for each party during the election season.

Both parties have not implemented campaign finance reform, and both have ignored suggestions and advice by international observers about our electoral reform.

Prime Minister Davis said as opposition leader that campaign finance reform was a low-hanging fruit, and he further blamed the Minnis administration of empty promises concerning campaign finance law. There is too much rhetoric being espoused by both parties when in opposition, knowing that they are just trying to impress and influence people while remaining insincere. This is dishonesty at its best. 

We need to break this monopoly and introduce greater competition among all parties while leveling the playing field for 3rd parties. Breaking this resistance to change in our electoral system is imperative as it is evident that both mainstream parties are part of the political establishment.

We have been heading in the wrong direction under these two dinosaurs for the last twenty years.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is basically non-functional in our House of Assembly. When in government, both parties ignore the questions put forth by the opposition, thereby starving the Bahamian people of accountability, transparency, and good governance.

The Freedom of Information bill has been enacted, but still is not functional under both governments some sixty years later.

The educational level remains at a “D” average after sixty years under both parties.

The PLP became a political party in November 1953. Many years later, along with electoral reforms and a quiet revolution, came majority rule. I believe the time is ripe in our country for another quiet revolution to bring about changes that will empower not only the present generation but unborn generations to come. Special programs and initiatives put forth by the two mainstream parties are to be commended, but most times their only focus is on winning the next general election and decisions are not made for the next generation. The time is now for a new system to evolve, sparking a renewal of hope for our people.

I am speaking out! I am standing up for my people! Win, lose or draw, I am standing.

Written by: Dr Veronica McIver