Letter to the Editor: Stop waiting on ‘the government them’

Letter to the Editor: Stop waiting on ‘the government them’

Dear Editor,

All of my life so far, I have been and remained adherent to the overt proposition that many Bahamians, across the economic, societal, and religious spectrums are simply too lazy and usually seek the ‘easy’ way out. There are pockets of Bahamians who constantly and consistently ‘complain’ that things are tough and that they cannot obtain a job whether in the private or the public sector, the latter being preferred.

Too many Bahamians who might have entrepreneurial skills and ideas tend to wait on ‘the government’ to be the driving force within the tourism industry. While they wait on ‘the government’ they are losing opportunities to spread their economic wings, so to speak.

Why is it that a certifiable group of Bahamians cannot pool their resources and open tourism-based events and venues? People all over the world who come to our shores would love to experience horseback riding in a nice clean and pristine environment. I dare say that even Bahamians would enjoy such an experience. 

Imagine a horseback experience in Adelaide and horse and buggy tours through lush areas like western New Providence. What about things as simple as bird-watching tours? Why is it that a group of Bahamians, regardless of politics, cannot propose a long-term lease of a few acres of public space at the Fort Charlotte grounds to set up a National Heroes & Park Monument, featuring our outstanding forefathers in all spheres of life? There would be life-sized statutes of those selected; a theme park; food courts specializing in strictly native foods; an entertainment pavilion and a petting zoo where indigenous animals and creatures would be displayed. There would be a section for artisans and craft makers of things Bahamian.

If such a park and museum could attract just a million or more visitors per year one can only imagine the potential success and viability of such a venture. Hundreds of new and sustainable employment and entrepreneurial opportunities would be created. Too many of us do not think outside of the box and remain on the sidelines waiting for the government.

In a capitalistic and so-called democratic society, no administration is capable by law of ordering private business establishments to refurbish their properties and buildings, unless there are gross incidences of unsafe structures and public health issues. When one visits downtown Nassau, there is little or nothing for them to experience or see of value. Property owners downtown and successive administrations have been ‘talking’ about the redevelopment of the same for decades, ad-nauseum. Nothing has happened except a bunch of hot air.

The Davis administration is laying out a sustainable road map for Bahamians to seize a larger slice of the Bahamian dream. The days when one could look to the government for handouts are gone. It is written: ‘By the sweat of your brow…you shall eat bread…’ The new Cruise Terminal is on schedule to open real soon and will generate millions more tourists and investors. We must position ourselves for the anticipated boom and stop taking the lazy man’s route…

Ortland Bodie